What is Anti-racism Oulu?

Almost daily we hear about racist hostile behavior towards immigrants and their supporters. Violent attacks on immigrants and on the left have become more and more common also in Finland. The Anti-racism Oulu network takes action against racism and other oppressive ideologies and structures. We fight discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, as well as against the extreme right and capitalism.

Anti-racism Oulu works to improve the situation of refugees and to oppose the increasingly restrictive asylum policy in Finland and EU. Our critique is also directed towards the Government of Finland for its indulgence towards racism and the extreme right, and for supporting several imperial wars without taking international responsibility for the consequences and the crises it brings.

Anti-racism Oulu

  • is focused on work against racism, war, capitalism and all kinds of oppression.
  • seek cooperation with different groups, organizations, their members and other individuals to arrange activities with such a focus.
  • is internationalist and oppose nationalism and euro-centrism.
  • is prepared to react fast.
  • is a broad-based, left-wing network made up of individuals.
  • aims to increase public awareness and to influence the general opinion through demonstrations, solidarity work, campaigns, lectures, writings and other activities.


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